Our 30-hour Introductory Course provides you a solid way to test drive each program and decide if it is the right career choice for you. You’ll get to learn the fundamentals, experience how our real-world training exercises work, and have access to one-on-one mentorship from your instructors all from day one. Once you complete the Introductory Course, there will be an exam to help assess your comprehension of the materials presented in the course helping you determine if the bootcamp is the right career path for you.


The CSULB Digital Skills Bootcamps provide a flexible, virtual education environment for people of all skill levels and professional backgrounds. Our virtual hands-on methodology allows you to absorb valuable experience and gives you all the tools you’ll need to be a turn-key professional that is ready to work in the field immediately upon graduation.

Career Services

This part of the course focuses on providing eager learners with the tools and knowledge needed to start an exciting and meaningful career after completing the program. Our dedicated team of Career Services advisors provide you with guidance every step of the way to ensure that you stand out in the workforce and get ahead in your career. You will receive customized interview training and guidance on building your resume and LinkedIn profile. Being able to consistently work with our cybersecurity team will also encourage you to advance your interpersonal, interview, and communication talents.

Internship Placement

Learners taking part in scheduled professional networking opportunities will be able to forge connections with local University alumni and local technology firms that might be looking to hire. We hold fast to the belief that building relationships with experts in the field is key to navigating successful interviews and ultimately receiving job offers. You will have the opportunity to put the skills you acquired in class and from Career Services to the test with personalized internship placement assistance.**

*Terms and conditions apply.
**Internship placement is not guaranteed.

Digital Labs

California State University, Long Beach offers digital labs taught by industry experts that facilitate the learning of real-world skills employers are seeking in qualified candidates. Simulation environments help learners gain hands-on training in their desired profession and prepare to enter the workforce with confidence in their skill set.

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